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Honest wheelskins review

wheelskins review

It can be difficult to find a good steering wheel cover. There are many different styles, colors, and designs to choose from. These are just a few of the options that we have to choose from when shopping for a steering wheel cover. Being able to find a durable and high-quality cover that will last a long time is hard to find. It is not uncommon for the covers to crack, fade, or become hot to the touch after spending hours in the hot sun. One of the popular choices is the Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Cover. To help you determine if this product is a good fit for you, we will review the features and benefits that this product has to offer.



The Wheelskin Leather Steering Wheel Cover is made out of a domesticated hide from a cow. The steering cover offers a comfortable surface for an enjoyable drive. The leather cowhide is durable and will not tear or crack over time. The handpicked and handcrafted material is chosen specifically for a remarkable feel against the hands. It is a good feature to have available for long trips or just a stroll around the neighborhood. It will not get hot to the touch and the material will provide a long-lasting cover for your vehicle.


Wheelskins Genuine Leather Black Steering Wheel Cover - Size C


The affordable Wheelskin cover is a great choice because of its texture, look, and affordable price. A steering cover is a good option due to its amazing look that would improve and customize any steering wheel. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your steering wheel, this is a good option to consider. It looks nice and can be purchased with little effort. This feature is not only an excellent deal but it is a must have accessory for your vehicle.


 Custom Fit

The leather cowhide Wheelskin steering wheel cover is a custom fit for many of the automobiles on the market. The fit not only is snug but it looks like you had purchased an expensive and customized steering wheel. The tight fit of the cover blends into the steering wheel. The beautiful fit will appear to have been made specifically for your vehicle. It will bring life back to your vehicle. The tight fit will keep the steering wheel in place while driving.Now on wheelskins review talk about easy install.



The Wheelskin is easy to install on most of the vehicles on the market. It can be installed in just a just a little bit of time, without any extra tools. The installation process is simple and easy to do. To apply this cover, line it up with the steering wheel. Spread the cover opening to fit the wheel. Once you have it large enough to apply to the steering wheel, push down on the cover. The leather cowhide cover will begin to position around the wheel.



  • There are installation videos to watch if you’re not sure how to install a steering wheel cover
  • The cover looks great after it is installed
  • It has a smooth surface and feels comfortable when driving
  • The cowhide leather is hand stitched and sewn.
  • An instruction manual comes with the cover that is easy to understand



  • The steering wheel cover did not have a perfect fit
  • There were sections of the cover that had bunched up in places
  • This cover does not fit all steering wheels and recommend measuring before ordering
  • The color of the cover was not the same color in the picture that I had ordered
  • It took longer than what I had expected to install the cover



  • The cover is hand stitched for a strong hold that is hard to tear or rip
  • It has a tight and snug fit once the cover is applied to the steering wheel
  • Feels comfortable and smooth to the touch
  • It is simple to install and comes with easy to follow instructions
  • The cover fits most steering wheels on a variety of vehicles


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


Q: Are the Wheelskin steering wheel covers thickly padded or thin?

A: The covers are not thick or padded. They are a thin layer of cowhide leather.

Q: What size steering wheel cover is needed for a 2013 Hyundai Azera?

A: After reviewing the website specifically designed for Wheelskins, you will need a size C for that type of vehicle. A size C will fit snug on your steering wheel.

Q: What size Wheelskin cover would be needed for a 1992 Ford F150?

A: There is a size chart for the make and model of vehicles on the Wheelskins website. The chart will help you determine what size you need for your vehicle.


Final Verdict on Wheelskins Review


The Wheelskin Black Leather Size C Steering Wheel Cover has many great qualities and features to offer. The cover will help the appearance of any steering wheel and is a great upgrade feature. It is extremely affordable and will look like an expensive steering wheel. The hand stitched leather is constructed to last for years. It has a smooth surface that is easy to handle and steer without any issues. The cover will fit almost all vehicles that are on the market. The resourceful website can help you determine the perfect size that you need for your automobile. The review of this product has proved to be a high-quality choice for your steering wheel cover needs.


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